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Garment Trims & Accessories Suppliers in Sri Lanka

We, Garment Accessories .lk, import, manufacture and distribute garment accessories in Sri Lanka, and we provide custom-built accessories that match with your specifications. Furthermore, we can help you to find reliable Garment Trims suppliers, Garment Accessories suppliers and service providers in Sri Lanka. Our database contents many suppliers & service providers who will support you to find correct trims and accessories for your job.

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What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?

To fulfill the garment design objectives we need a different kind of materials. Fabrics are the main material, which used for garment manufacturing. We need other materials also, which make the garments aesthetic, functional and commercially required. Usually other than fabrics these material used for making garments are called trims and accessories.


The raw materials used in sewing room other than fabric are called Trims.On the other hand materials are directly attached with the fabric to make a garment are called trims. Like: Threads, buttons, lining, Interlining, zippers, labels, care labels, etc.(Interlining is used as shape forming / preserving materials.) Trims/Garment accessories/Basic accessories


The materials, which are used to make a garment attractive for sale and packing, other than fabrics and trims, are called Garment Accessories. Garment Accessories - Finishing | Decorative Garment Accessories