Fanfold Labels

What are Fanfold labels?

Fanfold labels are the best label type to go for high-volume printing. Similar to roll labels, fanfold labels are also mounted on a continuous liner but are stacked and folded similar to a fan, thus its name.

Typically, fanfold labels can contain more individual labels than rolled labels, as they are used in printing without the need to mount them inside a label printer. When using fanfold labels, you can usually place them behind the printer and run them through a slot at the back of the printer, and then into the printer roller.

Since fanfold labels are not installed inside a printer, there is no limit to how many labels are in a single package of a fanfold label. Fanfold labels can contain 500 labels up to 2000 per pack! This gives an advantage over roll labels in the case of large-scale printing.

On the other hand, they are prone to outside elements such as dirt and spillages. You may need to provide cover for the labels. As for mobile printing, fanfold labels cannot be a reliable material, as it is bulky and needs a wider desk area to set up.

Fanfold labels are also much easier to store as they can contain more labels per box and are densely packed.

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