Sealing labels

What are Sealing labels?

Maximum protection for your packages Sealing labels perform a wide range of tasks in packaging, and they play an important role in the mailing of goods. They are a simple means of verifying authenticity and show when an item has been opened for the first time. As seals they provide secure tamper protection and can display additional product information.

Sealing labels must adhere firmly but still be easy to open. Often they must adhere several times so that the product can be resealed. Special challenges arise when labels and adhesives have to go around corners or be wrapped around the product. They must also stick to curved or uneven surfaces.

Superior adhesion on a wide range of surfaces Labels on boxes, plastic containers and pallets must be made of the right materials so that important information stays with the goods all the way to their destination. Special adhesives permit reliable labelling of shrink film for securing pallets and of pallets themselves.

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